Ramah Israel RII

Ramah Israel RII

About RII:

The staff of RII custom designs Israel programs for congregations, schools and families in close cooperation with local rabbis and educators. Our trips are run b’ruach Ramah (in the spirit of Ramah) and focus on Judaism, Zionism and Hebrew. The group’s guide is also an educator, actively involving the participants in a process of discovery.  Every itinerary incorporates a unique blend of touring and learning experiences–with pace, style of presentation, and level of accommodations meeting the group’s specific needs and requests.
Our trip options include:
Poland Journey for Adults – Sep. 12-18, 2016:
We will trace the splendor of important Jewish communities in our history: Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow, and more. Exploring the richness of the Jewish life that existed in Poland over 70 years ago will enhance your understanding of the enormity of the Shoah. Together, we will experience first-hand the remnants — and in some cases the revival — of the Jewish communities in Poland.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Family Adventure – Dec. 20-29, 2016:
Celebrate this milestone on a fun and spiritually enriching trip designed for families with children ages 11-13 from Ramah Camps across North America.
This exciting trip will be focused on family and connecting to circles of life: me, my family, my kehila (community), and my Judaism. Families will visit places in Israel connected to tikkun olam for meaningful community service. Like all of Ramah Israel Institute’s trips, this family adventure will include hiking and touring the South, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, Haifa, and more!

Jewish Day School and Supplementary School Trips : 
The Ramah Israel Institute (RII) is a pioneer in the field of Israel education. Ramah has been leading teen trips for day schools, supplementary schools, and more for decades. Our trips are educationally sound, safe and fun. We help teens connect to Jewish heritage and Israel in an ‘open classroom.’ Our educational experiences serve as a basis for students to strengthen their Jewish identity and their connection with the people and the Land of Israel.

Ramah Nyack Family Trip:
Join Ramah Day Camp in Nyack for an extraordinary family adventure in Israel, led by Associate Director Rabbi Ami Hersh!
Together we will enjoy hands-on activities and Israeli encounters, enhance our personal and family connection to ancient and modern Israel, experience the vibrant atmosphere of Tel Aviv, ascend to Jerusalem and explore both the old and the new, discover the desert wonders of the Negev, celebrate an unforgettable Shabbat together in Jerusalem, and much more.

Tikvah Families Israel Trip:
Families with children with disabilities are invited to join Ramah Israel and the National Ramah Tikvah Network for the Tikvah Family Israel Trip, led by Howard Blas, Director of National Ramah Tikvah Network. No prior Ramah affiliation needed! Explore Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Masada, the Dead Sea, and much more.