Tzofim Israeli Scouts

Tzofim Israeli Scouts

What is Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet?


Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet (CVK) is a month long Israel Summer Program for teens ages 15-18,

from North America and all over the world. Bringing teens to Israel since 1981, CVK has

over 5,000 alumni who have been positively impacted by their experience on the



Through CVK’s unrivaled immersion program, for one month chanichim (participants) are

absorbed into the culture, heritage, language, and society as they hike, bike, and tour the

country. Chanichim strengthen their connection to Israel by seeing the country through the

eyes of both their Israeli peer participants as well as their Israeli counselors. New friendships

are made and memories are formed that will last a lifetime!


CVK is the only summer program that offers the unique opportunity to have a Summer in

Israel – Israeli Style.


Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet (CVK) is a joint summer teen program of the Tzofim (Israel Scouts)

and Gadna, the Educational Division of the Israel Defense Forces in cooperation with the

Ministry of Absorption and the Jewish Agency for Israel.


Connection with the IDF

As the only teen summer program run in conjunction with the Israel Defense Forces

(IDF), Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet is granted unique benefits: an exclusive behind the

scenes look at the Israeli Army, an in-depth look at military history, a tailor-made

Gadna experience, incredible safety and logistics. Our participants constantly rank

this interface with the army as one of the main draws to joining CVK.


Israeli Peers

Tzofim Chetz V’Keshet is one of the only Israel summer programs that includes

Israeli peer participants. A quarter of all CVK participants are Israeli teens; they are

members of the Israeli Tzofim youth movement and are chosen from a highly

selective pool for their personality, maturity, leadership skills and ability to

communicate in both English and Hebrew. In addition to experiencing the incredible 

program activities together, built into the itinerary is the opportunity to spend

Shabbat with an Israeli peer’s family. Year after year, our participants comment that

having israeli peers is one of the highlights of the program.


Maturing Experience

A common reflection of our many alumni is a sense of feeling sincere change for the

better after the program. Chanichim constantly speak to feeling more self-confident,

more mature, and a strong ablility to overcome challenges after their CVK

experience. The program staff works to help build confidence, while the program

structure allows chanichim to engage in new experiences and get to know

themselves better.