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For teens who wish to “restart” and get back on track: Manage life’s challenges, Stay safe and positive, Communicate and collaborate better with family, friends, and adults around them… and most importantly, feel better, happy, and hopeful again.

“Free Spirit” is an experiential, educational- therapeutic program in Israel, geared toward boys and girls ages 14-19 from around the world who are experiencing various difficulties. Within the 8 to 10 weeks of our program, we focus on Outdoor and Wilderness Therapy with group as well as individual components.

Free Spirit is a not-for-profit organization founded in memory of Sean Carmeli



“Restart” – A fresh opportunity at a difficult stage in life
Reconnecting and reintegrating back to life at home
Feel competent and successful
Be your own leader: Connect to your own strengths, to nature, and to others
Acquire new skills to empower yourself and others
Know thy self, love yourself: A renewed and honest sense of self
Develop and strengthen your own identity
Taking charge of your choices and live in the present (moment)
Creating a positive plan for the future
Establishing a positive and supportive group culture
Elicit emergent leadership
Learn your own value by helping others
Free Spirit program in Israel, for empowering youth from around the world toward good mental health, self-actualization, and leadership

Free spirit is a new program established in Israel for youth around the world. It is geared toward youth  currently experiencing hardships and difficulties and are, together with their families, seeking different and new opportunities to “restart”, acquire skills and tools, feel empowered, and become the leaders of his or her own lives.

Free Spirit is an 8 to 10 weeks program in Israel, packed with meaningful experiential learning, delivered in English. Free Spirit is a short-term program and  takes place in Israel. It is intended for adolescent boys and girls from all over the world.

The Free Spirit program is a unique educational and therapeutic program to address the needs of adolescents and develop their leadership skills and achieve self-fulfillment. Participants will experience an intense and meaningful curriculum. Participants return home with the necessary tools and understandings to overcome their difficulties and succeed in life.

The therapeutic approach focuses on individual treatment, challenges and group dynamics. The educational factor consists of studying Hebrew and other academic subjects. In addition, the participants will engage in Israeli knowledge, culture and society along with volunteering in the Kibbutz community.

The students are accompanied by a team of experienced counselors, mentors, guides and other professionals. Our staff to participants ratio is nearly 1-on-1.

The Free Spirit program is dedicated to Sean Carmeli, the Golani soldier who was killed last summer during Operation “Protective Edge” in 2014. Sean moved to Israel at the age of 16, graduated from high school and enlisted in the Golani Brigade unit of the IDF. Sean was a soldier of peace and justice, an honest person and good friend, who is an inspiration and symbol to youths of all backgrounds.

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Free Spirit
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