Lapid Israel

Lapid, the Hebrew word for ‘torch’, was founded in 2008 as a cooperative initiative to raise
awareness of and to significantly increase participation in quality high school age programs in
Israel. The coalition was built on the concept that a strong relationship with Israel begins with
a meaningful Israel educational experience and is vital to developing and fostering collective
Jewish identity in youth. As one of the three primary organizations bringing youth to Israel
from abroad, Lapid seeks equal recognition and institutional support on par with comparable
programs for university-age participants.
Collectively, Lapid proudly brings more than 15,000 teenagers to Israel every year on its
respective high school age programs, accounting for over 500,000 teens over the past 40 years. 

Dr. Avi Reich, Chairman
Leah Garber, Co-Chair
Dan Krakow, Co-Chair

Scott Shay Chairman
Gideon Shavit
Bob Werner
Peter Levy
Dr. Ron Weiser AM
Leeor Sabbah
Barbara Spack
Dr. David Breakstone
Rabbi Jerome Epstein
Larry Magid
Lois Berenson Rubin
Ariele Zandman Klausner
Jackie Simkin
Saby Behar
Yechiel Leckett
Elie Elalouf
Wayne Firestone
Metuka Benjamin
Zohar Vloski
Jeremy J. Fingerman

Lapid has:
Built a network of thousands of committed alumni, families and investors who want to be an integral part of the Jewish People's future.

Created programs that come BEFORE college decisions are made and thus can positively impact a student’s choice of school, studies, social circles and extra-curricular activities.

Facilitated the development of high school age programs in Israel that contribute significantly to Jewish Zionist education.

Offered educational, cultural and social options for all types of students through programs of varying length, content, location and structure.

Created a core of alumni who represent the natural reservoir of potential participants for Taglit or MASA programs.

Lapid will:
Help sustain a strong relationship with the Jewish State by facilitating a meaningful Israel educational experience which is vital for fostering a strong Jewish identity.

Work to engage teenage participants at a unique time in their lives on a journey through Israel that will point the way to a more meaningful future.

Enable teens to travel to Israel and then return home to synagogues, youth groups, camps and schools energized and resolved to act as strong advocates on behalf of the Jewish State and the Jewish people.